M10 Concealed High Performance Hydraulic Hinge

Posted on June 28th, 2024

Product Overview

We are honored to introduce this concealed high performance concealed hydraulic hinge, designed for consumers who pursue a high quality of life and pay attention to the stability and aesthetics of the door. This door hinge incorporates advanced hydraulic technology to realize the smooth opening and closing of the door, providing you with a safer and more comfortable using experience. Meanwhile, its internal structure is completely hidden and its appearance is simple and generous, which perfectly integrates into various decoration styles and adds a touch of elegance and harmony to your home or office environment.

Product Features

High-performance hydraulic technology: Adopting advanced hydraulic damping system ensures even speed and no noise during the opening and closing process of the door, making your life more peaceful.

High durability: made of high-strength alloy material with special treatment, it has excellent wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant performance to ensure the long-lasting use of the product.

Concealed design: the internal structure is completely hidden, the appearance is simple and beautiful, perfectly integrating into various decoration styles and enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Competitive price: Compared with similar products on the market, this product has a higher cost-effective, so that you can easily enjoy high-quality life.

Installation and use guide

In order to ensure the best performance of the new concealed hydraulic hinge and extend its service life, please follow the following installation and use guidelines:

1. Door frame fixing: Before installing the hydraulic hinge, please make sure the door frame is firmly fixed to the wall. This will help prevent the frame from loosening during long-term use.

2. Door Panel Installation: The door panels on both sides of the door frame should be installed vertically and not deflected outward in the direction of the door opening. This ensures that the door will close properly and avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Opening angle: Please note that the maximum opening angle of the door should not exceed 115 degrees. Exceeding this angle may damage the hinge and the door body, affecting the service life.

4. Fixed card use: Hydraulic hinges are equipped with a fixed card, please make sure to keep and use it during the installation process. The fixing card ensures that the hinge is installed correctly and avoids incorrect operation during installation.

5. Removing the retaining clips: After installation, please remove the retaining clips before closing the door. This is to ensure that the door and the hydraulic hinge can function properly and avoid damage.

Product Applications

The new hydraulic hinge is widely used in homes, office buildings, hotels and many other places. Whether it is a solid wood door, glass door or metal door, this product can be perfectly adapted to enhance the smoothness and safety of the door opening and closing, adding a comfort and peace of mind for your living environment or working environment.

We firmly believe that this concealed high-performance hydraulic hinge will be your right-hand man to improve the quality of life and pursue a better home life. Choose us to make your door more stable, beautiful and safe!