About Aleader

Aleader is a modern and professional manufacturer and exporter dedicated to research, development, production, sales and service of castings including construction hardware, auto parts, pump & valve parts, impellers, marine hardware, and some other machinery parts in materials of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and brass, etc. We can supply castings in different conditions including heat-treated, precision-machined, and with some special surface treatments such as spray paint, electric or mirror-polish, satin, vibration grinding, galvanization, and nickel plating, etc.


    Excellent Manufacturing Capability

    We enable to produce high-precision and high-quality castings to meet the various requirements of our customers.


    Technological Innovation

    Innovation and R&D enables us to provide customized solutions to our customers.


    Wide Range of Applications

    We have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of different fields for hardware and machinery fittings.


    Quality Control and Certification

    We put quality at the top of our priority list and ensure the quality of each product through a strict quality control and certification system.


  • Adjustable Glass Railing Spigot stainless steel glass spigot

    Aleader Stainless Steel 2205 balustrades & handrails Adjustable Glass Railing Spigot stainless steel glass spigot


    " Very accurate handling of the order, correct shipment and excellent quality. It was delivered faster then promised, against good conditions! "

    Andre Castor

  • Supporter Balustrade Handrail Bracket Stainless Steel 316 Glass handrail Bracket

    Glass Railing Pipe Holder Supporter Balustrade Handrail Bracket Stainless Steel 316 Glass handrail Bracket


    " The products are very high quality and have great craftsmenship! "

    Luis Cosola
    United States

News & Blog

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    P7 Buffer Door Closer: Ideal for Enhancing Quality of Life

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