P7 Buffer Door Closer: Ideal for Enhancing Quality of Life

Posted on July 4th, 2024

Buffer Door Closer Features

1. Slow Closing: The P7 Buffer Door Closer utilizes advanced hydraulic damping technology to ensure that the door closes slowly and smoothly. This design not only reduces noise, but also prevents damage to the frame and hinges caused by the rapid closing of the door.

2. Anti-trap protection: The Buffer Door Closer has been designed with safety in mind. In the final stage of door closing, the damper can effectively prevent the door from being rapidly closed by external force or wind, avoiding accidents such as pinching fingers. It is particularly suitable for home environments with elderly people and small children.

3. Easy to install: The P7 door closer is easy to install. Users only need to follow the steps in the manual and use conventional tools to complete the installation. No specialized skills are required, and it can be installed and used by ordinary home users without any problems.

4. Wide range of applications: The product is suitable for all types of interior doors, whether it is a family home, office building or public places, can play its excellent cushioning effect and security functions.

Door Closer Installation Steps

1. Preparation:

Make sure all the necessary parts and tools for installation are ready.

Read the installation instructions carefully to make sure you understand each step.

2. Installation Location Selection:

Select an appropriate location to install the Buffer Door Closer according to the structure of the door.

Make sure the installation position will not affect the normal opening and closing of the door.

3. Installation of base plate:

Mark the location on the door frame or wall where the base plate will be installed.

Use screws to fix the base plate in the marked position.

4. Install the main unit:

Install the main body of the cushion door closer on the base plate and fix it with screws.

5. Adjustment and testing:

After the installation is completed, manually test the opening and closing of the door to ensure that the buffer functions properly.

Adjust the speed and strength of the buffer as needed.

Use and Maintenance

1. Normal use:

Push the door gently to open it and the buffer closer will automatically and slowly close the door.

Do not push or pull the door hard enough to damage the buffer.

2. Maintenance:

Regularly check whether the parts of the buffer door closer are loose and tighten them as necessary.

Clean the surface of the buffer to avoid dust and debris from entering the interior to affect its normal operation.

3. Caution:

Avoid placing obstacles in the working area of the buffer door closer.

If the buffer is found to work abnormally, contact a professional for overhauling in time.


With its excellent cushioning performance, easy installation and humanized design, P7 buffer door closer has become the ideal choice of door control equipment for home and office. It not only provides reliable safety protection, but also significantly improves the quality of life of its users. If you are looking for a high-quality cushion door closer, the P7 is the right choice.