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Stainless Steel Glass Spigot
Stainless Steel Glass Spigot LS-ASF-L Structure
Stainless Steel Glass Spigot Stainless Steel Glass Spigot LS-ASF-L Structure

Square Floor-standing Glass Spigot

Part No. LS-ASF-L

Glass Thickness 12mm
Weight 2.38Kg
Outline Dimension 183mm*104mm*104mm
Material 205/304/316
Application High-rise buildings, Glass railings, Fences, Balcony guardrail, Swimming pool guardrail, Staircase handrail, Garden guardrail

Glass Spigot Description

This Square floor-standing Stainless Steel Glass Spigot is used for the following 12mm glass is suitable for high-rise buildings, glass railings, fences, balcony guardrail, swimming pool guardrail, staircase handrail, garden guardrail. 

The spigot is designed as a sturdy and stable base that is fixed to the floor to hold the glass panel upright. The main function of the Square floor-standing Stainless Steel Glass Spigot is to provide support and stability to glass panels in a balustrade system. By securely holding the glass in place, the spigot helps create a safe barrier while allowing for unobstructed views. The square shape of the spigot provides a modern and sleek look that complements contemporary architectural designs.

Glass Spigot Specifications

Product Name

Square Floor-standing Glass Spigot

Outline Dimension


Glass Thickness





Classic Satin/Mirror
Powder Coat Matte Black/White
PVD-Black/Gold/Rose Gold/Gun Grey
Anti-conductive Black/White
Transparent Satin/Mirror


Duplex Stainless Steel 2205, Stainless Steel 304/316


High-rise Buildings, Glass Railings, Fences, Balcony Guardrail, Swimming Pool Guardrail, Staircase Handrail, Garden Guardrail

Casting Process  

Siica Sol Technics Lost-wax Process


Australian Standard Test/Patent




Annual Output


Tooling Leadtime

2--4 Week

Delivery Time

4--5 Week

Package Specification

Plastic Bag, Bubble Bag.
Paper Carton, Wooden Case, or as Required.

Stainless Steel Glass Spigot Package


The glass spigot is made of high-strength stainless steel metal material, which is corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant and durable. The product is a heavy-duty glass spigot with a stronger load-bearing capacity. This is a taller version of the LS-ASF and has the same dimensions as the LS-ASF except for the height.

These glass spigots are usually installed by fixing it to the floor using screws or bolts, ensuring a strong and stable connection. Proper installation is crucial to ensure the structural integrity of the glass balustrade system.

Stainless Steel Glass Spigot Application

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