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Gold Glass Spigot 188SD Structure
Gold Glass Spigot Gold Glass Spigot Installation Gold Glass Spigot 188SD Structure

Square Floor-standing Glass Spigot

Part No. 188SD

Glass Thickness 12mm
Weight 1.92Kg
Outline Dimension 158mm*104mm*104mm
Material 2205/304/316

Glass balustrades, Pool fences, Railings

Glass Spigot Description

This Square floor-standing gold glass spigot is used for glass below 12mm and is suitable for glass balustrades; Pool fences; Railings. The spigot is designed to secure and support glass panels in a railing system without the need for traditional posts or frames, giving the appearance of a seamless and modern design.

The gold glass spigot is made of high-strength stainless steel metal material, with a gold finish for a luxurious and elegant look. They has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and durability. These glass spigots provide a secure anchoring point for glass panels, allowing for unobstructed views and a clean, streamlined appearance.

Glass Spigot Specifications

Product Name

Square Floor-standing Glass Spigot

Outline Dimension

158mm * 104mm * 104mm

Glass Thickness





Classic Satin/Mirror
Powder Coat Matte Black/White
PVD-Black/Gold/Rose Gold/Gun Grey
Anti-conductive Black/White
Transparent Satin/Mirror


Duplex stainless steel 2205, Stainless steel 304/316


Glass Balustrades; Pool Fences; Railings

Casting Process  

Siica Sol Technics With Lost-wax Process


Australian Standard Test/Patent




Annual Output


Tooling Leadtime

2--4 Weeks

Delivery Time

4--5 Weeks

Package Specification

Plastic Bag, Bubble Bag.
Paper Carton, Wooden Case, or as Required.

Gold Glass Spigot Package


Gold glass spigots are not only functional in terms of providing structural support for glass railings but also serve as decorative elements that add a touch of style and sophistication to the overall design of a space. This glass spigot is an economical product, which reduces the weight of the product as much as possible and lowers the cost. The design is simple and beautiful, and it will not disrupt the overall feel of the building. While ensuring the maximum load-bearing capacity to meet customer needs.

The installation holes of the glass spigot base are waist holes, which improve installation efficiency, enhance connection strength, increase the self-locking ability of threads, and reduce material waste.

Gold Glass Spigot Application

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